In China, found a giant endangered tree

In China, found a giant plant that is endangered. A huge tree of Annamocarya sinensis was found in Yunnan Province. Its height is 45 meters, and the diameter is 7.7 meters.

An instance is considered to be the largest of all known trees of this species. In the district of Malipo there are about 200 plants of this species, and all of them are much smaller.

The find is very important for scientists: the population of Annamocarya sinensis is very small, and the rate of reproduction is low. The plant is included in the list of “endangered species” of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and is also under state protection of the second category.

Although the trees seem to be a familiar element of the landscape, sometimes the kings of the flora can be astounding. Find out more about the 12 trees that are worth seeing (at least in the photo).

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