In China, found a tiny crab

Scientists have discovered in Hong Kong a new kind of crabs that do not reach even a centimeter in length. But these crumbs can climb trees.

You probably did not know that crabs can climb trees, but that’s true. According to a study published in the journal ZooKeys, representatives of a new species climb the bark to a height of up to two meters and enjoy the coolness of mangroves. In addition, outwardly they look like frog mutants.

The species, called Haberma tingkok, refers to a genus discovered 15 years ago by Peter Eng of the National University of Singapore and his team. Dr. Eng is also involved in the discovery of this tiny wood crab, whose days may be considered due to land reclamation and environmental pollution.

This is not the only known crab-dwarf. Here is a video of a coconut crab, the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world. They climb onto the palm trees to nip off the coconuts that they feed on.

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