In China, test a combined hypersonic engine

Engineers from Beijing promise to test the prototype of a combined hypersonic engine for aircrafts and launch vehicles of a new type by the end of 2017, and not later than 2025 to conduct “field” flight tests. The development was named TRRE (Turbo-aided Rocket-augmented Ram / scramjet Engine, turbocharged, rocket-assisted air-jet / hypersonic ramjet air-jet engine).

According to the expectations of the developers, with the new engine the aircraft will be able to accelerate to ten and a half thousand kilometers per hour. If the device under development is tested, it will be the first engine of this type, implemented in practice.

Aviation Week reports that in TRRE in a single shell are located just three engines of different types: turbojet, rocket and ramjet air-reactive, which are activated at different stages. To accelerate in TRRE, a turbojet sub-engine is used, then a ramjet air-reactive stage is turned on, and when the supersonic speed is reached, a rocket engine is promoted by a ramjet engine. When a speed close to six hundred kilometers per hour is reached, the rocket engine will shut down, and the ram jet engine will go into hypersonic mode.

Recall that in 2016 Russia reported on the development of a combined rocket-propulsion engine capable of operating in both atmosphere and open space conditions. According to Sergei Karakayev, the commander-in-chief of the Strategic Missile Forces, the model of the new engine passed fire tests and confirmed its efficiency.

The aircraft equipped with this engine is being developed in two types: manned and unmanned, and should be submitted to field trials after 2020. We are looking forward to the official announcement of the Ministry of Defense!

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