In China, the explosion in 10 seconds demolished 19 buildings

The demolition of the building by explosion is always a very interesting show that captivates both its extremity and accurate calculation. But in China, recently went even further. There are only 10 seconds explosion demolished the entire block.

Of course, it was not one explosion, but a series. For such an ambitious demolition of 19 buildings it was used about 5 tons of explosives to set charges was drilled 120,000 holes, and the whole operation is literally calculated to the millisecond. In the video we can also see the Director of the whole process of undermining ja Unsere. “For such a large-scale explosion, literally in the city centre, we had not only to guarantee the demolition, but also strictly control all possible effects of blasting,” he says.

It should be noted that the demolition took place in Wuhan city, and the district was in the city centre, close to viaduct Skytrain, residential apartment buildings, shopping center and transformer substation. Now in place of the demolished buildings will be built business district in which the project postroyut skyscraper with a height of over 700 meters.

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