In China they develop a drone capable of transporting 20 tons of cargo

The Chinese company Tengoen is developing a heavy cargo drone, which will be able to transport 20 tons of cargo. The device will have 8 engines. In size, he can compete with medium cargo planes.

The wingspan of the drone will be 42 m. Fully loaded, it will be able to fly to a distance of 7.5 thousand km.

The body of the device will be made of carbon fiber. The drone will be a two-bodied. The cargo is supposed to be fixed between the fuselages. Currently, work on the creation of a drones is being carried out at the Tengoen plant in Chengdu. The first flight the device will have to make in 2020.

Last year, the company introduced the drone TB-001 Scorpion with two engines. Its maximum takeoff weight is 2.8 tons. It can carry cargo for a distance of 6 thousand km. This drone can be armed with two 100-kilogram bombs or missiles.

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