In Dubai will build the world’s largest solar power plant

Dubai plans to build world’s largest solar power plant. Its capacity in 2020 will amount to 1 GW. By 2030, capacity will increase to 5 GW. The project cost is estimated at 12 billion euros.

The solar power plant will consist of five individual sites. This is the power plant of tower type.

Currently, the most powerful solar power plant is STES Ivanpah in the United States. Its capacity is 392 MW. By 2020, Morocco will be one powerful power plant capacity of 580 MW.

It is assumed that the value produced by the power plant in Dubai electricity is 8 cents per 1 kW-h power Plant will have several thousand heliostats placed around the tower. When the power plant is built, it will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6.5 tons of Dubai develops a strategy Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which implies gradual transition to renewable sources of energy. By 2020, 7% of all energy will be environmentally friendly. By 2050 this figure will have to be 75%.

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