In Egypt, an ancient mummy was found hidden under 6 tons of garbage

Archaeologists discovered an ancient mummy that was hidden under 6 tons of trash in the city of Lush in Egypt. The mummy was found during the cleaning of the area where the temple of the god Amon used to be located.

According to experts, the mummy belonged to a woman who lived about 3,000 years ago. It was wrapped in linen cloths and was buried in a wooden sarcophagus that was covered with a layer of limestone.

Researchers believe that the mummy was hidden under a mountain of debris during a period when the temple was destroyed and abandoned. This may be related to the political and social upheaval that took place at the time.

The mummy has been taken to the Lusha Museum for further investigation. Scientists intend to conduct an X-ray analysis to find out the age and sex of the mummy, as well as to learn about its health and possible diseases.

Studies of ancient mummies help us better understand the life and culture of our ancestors. In addition, they can give us valuable information about the health and lifestyle of people thousands of years ago.

Although the discovery was made by accident, it may lead to new discoveries and broaden our knowledge of the history of ancient Egypt.

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