In Egypt, found the tomb of the ancient princess

In Egypt, during the excavations, archaeologists discovered a funerary chamber, presumably the daughter of Pharaoh XIII of the Emnikamu dynasty. This is reported by Live Science.
The find was made in the town of Dahshur about 600 meters from the pyramid of the 13th dynasty Emanikamu pharaoh.

Archaeologists suppose that in the burial chamber was the mummy of Princess Hatshepsut, who was the daughter of this ruler. The age of the structure is about 3800 years.

A wooden box with three lines of hieroglyphs was found in the cell. One of the inscriptions contains the name Hatshepsut, and the other – Emnikamau. This is what gave birth to the version that the tomb belonged to the princess. Similar boxes in Ancient Egypt used to store the so-called canopy – vessels, in which the bodies of the buried were stored.

However, in this case there was no vessel in the box, and the organs were wrapped in matter. Archaeologists also found a sarcophagus. It is in very poor condition. The sarcophagus will be sent to a laboratory in which specialists will try to open it without damage.

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