In Finland, began to bake bread from crickets

Finnish company Fazer begins to sell bread made from flour, seeds and insects. The company called this product “a good source of protein.”

In Fazer, they plan to start producing bread products with insects from small loaves called Sirkkaleipa (“cricket bread”).

Each bread of Sirkkaleipa weighing 250 grams is made from flour with the addition of grains and 70 “dried crickets.” According to the head of the Fazer bakery division Marcus Helstrom, insects make up about 3% of the weight of the finished product. The cost of such a product will be several times higher than the prices for regular bread – 3.99 euros (for 250 grams) or 16 euros for 1 kg. A loaf of wheat flour in Finland costs about 2-3 euros.

Director of Innovation Fazer Bakeries Juhani Sibakov said that, according to the company, “insects will become a big part of life in Finland”:

“The media covers insects as one of the leading trends in the field of food, and every day in the world up to two billion people eat insects.” We believe that insects will become a big part of everyday life in Finland. “

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