In France tattoo makes the robot

The company Appropriate Audiences has presented its latest development, robot tattoo artist created using the technology of three-dimensional scanning.

A few years ago, the makers of the robot participated in a hacking competition, which received an interesting job: for the specified time needed to hack and repurpose one device to choose from. Pierre Emma, one of the future creators of robot tattoo artist, came up with the idea to replace the extruder 3D printer machine for tattooing. Later, the enthusiast engaged in the development of the industrial version of this almost accidental invention.

The device operates as follows: first you need to make a three-dimensional scan of a body part, which will be applied tattoo. Then the program creates a layout drawing of the future tattoo, and already ready to sketch the robot draws tattoo to a customer.

The creators claim that the robot needs to follow and pay attention to details: before starting work you must make sure the machine understood the task, I was right there with the choice of location and pattern for the application, and then you never know. Another important point is the fixation of body parts during operation. In the video you can notice that the leg of the customer fixed to completely eliminate.

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