In Iceland, scientists have proposed a new way of dealing with global warming

In Iceland, local scientists have proposed a new way of dealing with global warming. With the help of carbon dioxide specialists create artificial snow on melting glaciers.

A project to create artificial snow was called CarbFix and was developed over two years. According to experts, this process occurs almost without the use of third-party devices. With the help of a special apparatus oxygen mixture is injected into the voids of the rocks of magnesium and calcium. After a while there is formed the limestone, when exposed to air, becoming covered with a thick layer of ice and snow.

Scientists say that in the process of development of this project has been determined, another interesting fact. Launched into the void of the oxygen is converted much faster than in nature. In this regard, the formation of limestone was supposed to take at least a hundred thousand years, which would lead to the destruction of old species over time.

According to experts, the CarbFix project has a total cost of more than $ 10 million, most of which falls during the conditions of storage gas. Scientists say that in the future technology will be able to improve, but so far it is only a prototype it is possible to stop global warming.

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