In India, found the “ancestor of man” age of 11 million years

Indian scientists found in the west of the country the jaw of a primate, whose age is estimated at 10-11 million years.

The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE, and the portal briefly describes it. The find was made in the Katch district in the state of Gujarat.

A team from the Institute of the Paleonauk of the name of Balbal Sakhni discovered the upper jaw of the “human ancestor” – a primate from the hominoids group. Its representatives are chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas, as well as humans.

X-ray tomography made it possible to study the remains of canines and other teeth, their enamel and roots. The analysis showed that the remains belonged to an adult representative of the genus Sivapithecus. However, the view could not be identified.

The authors of the study dated the discovery of the late Miocene. According to them, the age of the bone is 10-11 million years. By the way, this is the first fossil Miocene monkey, which was discovered in the territory of Hindustan.
“This is an important discovery for understanding the evolution of the” great monkeys “and people,” said study co-author Ansuya Bhandari. “We can say that the ancestor of a person up to 11 million years old has been found in Katcha.”

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