In Japan created the display, which can be cut with scissors

Would you like to have a display capable of taking any form? It is likely that in the future you do not need a factory, but rather will be a regular scissors and a steady hand.

National Institute for materials science, Japan, have developed a flexible polymer, consisting of organic matter and metal, which can be simply cut, without causing any damage. The new technology requires only a few seconds of effort to make the display of any shape, and, like the “electronic paper”, may even maintain the latest information after the shutdown.

At the moment this invention is in one color and has a limited display area. However, today it is easy to see different areas of its practical application in the future. You can equip your clothing integrated displays, or produce their own design of wearable devices corresponding exactly to the wrist of the owner.

The researchers draw in the imagination a world in which anyone will be able to arbitrarily change the color scheme of the interior of the car, sunglasses or Windows, with displays that can “run” almost any desire. Although all these miracles away from us a considerable period of time, the fact that it will be possible, deserves attention.

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