In Japan have created a humanoid robot on the principle of neural networks

In Japan have created a humanoid robot that operates on the principle of neural networks. The robot is equipped with pneumatic actuators 42 and the Central pattern generator of movement that allow him to generate his own movement on the basis of environmental conditions.

The sensors of the robot to evaluate the humidity, noise level and temperature of the environment, and the neural network generates in response to the change of these indicators, a unique set of movements. Given that Alter is on display at the National science Museum of Japan, the visitors of the Museum in moments of movement of the device it seems that the robot behaves as a living, though not quite adequate person.

The neural network is designed to help Alter to create a unique set of movements and control their smoothness. The sensors of the robot, in fact, perform the role of the human skin, which evaluates the state of the environment around us. While the robot is still taught to sing, that’s true his voice can hardly be called very pleasant.

The algorithm of reaction systems the Alter is built on the simplest yet the neural system, neuron Izhikevish. A generator of patterns of movement based on the principle of interconnected pendulums, when the motion of one pendulum provokes the beginning of the movement later.

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