In Japan to an artificial intelligence charged to respond to the parliamentary requests

The Ministry of Economics, the industries and trade of Japan intends to charge to an artificial intelligence preparation of responses to parliamentary inquiries.

The Ministry of Economics as a leader of the so-called “fourth technical revolution” decided to begin exercise of the project with the department. It is considered that use of an artificial intelligence by preparation of materials and draft copies for answers will allow to reduce time expenditure of personnel considerably: sometimes preparation of the answer forces the staff of the ministry to work till the dead of night, and even all night long till the morning.

Scientist: the artificial intelligence will lead to a conscious arkhaization of life
The subject will be offered an artificial intelligence, it will choose materials of inquiries on it and related issues from hearings in recent years, systematizes the main tasks and the directions, will make materials on which the staff of the ministry will be able to prepare the answer efficiently.

Until the end of March the Ministry of Economics will use an artificial intelligence in the test mode, and then will start problem solving for its practical application.

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