In Kaliningrad found a huge piece of amber

Kaliningrad miners have extracted an amber nugget. They say that this huge stone had not seen for many decades. It weighs 2 kg 700 grams. How was he found? What will happen to him next?

Last workweek on Russia’s only plant for the production of amber became one of the most successful in decades. The workers of the company found a huge nugget. The assurance of the old-timers of the plant, in this career such finding is found for the first time.

The exact weight of this stone — 2 kg 700 grams. According to experts, the age of its tens of millions of years. Found unique amber geologist Sergey Kurakin accident. Nugget he came to the surface after heavy rains.

“Washed away the dam, and we working found this piece. From a distance he seemed small and resembled amber. I went down below and decided to report to the chief of shift. As a geologist, nugget had an interest for me. So of course I was happy about this find,” says district geologist of the Kaliningrad amber factory Sergey Kurakin.

The admiration and surprise of the discoveries experienced not only Sergey Kurakin, and his colleagues.

In the depths of the seaside quarry annually produces more than 300 tons of semi-precious stone. But the really big valuable items are rare, so find a nugget weighing nearly 3 pounds — for the amber industry do the event.

According to old residents of the works, the pieces fall excess kilos approximately every two months. A little more often – polukilogrammovy. Accounting for special control. The same fate awaits and found a stone, which a week ago was in the thick of the earth.

“All stones weighing over one kilogram are unique, and were taking the Gokhran of Russia. We have these stones sent to Moscow. There they evaluate and decide to leave at the Gokhran or return to the plant,” — said General Director of the Kaliningrad amber factory Michael Zatsepin.

On examination, this “hero” the likes of which the Kaliningrad amber miners have not seen for 30 years, will stay at least three months. All this time he would be considered priceless.

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