In Luxor, the tombs of the nobility

Two tombs from the era of the XVIII dynasty of pharaohs of ancient Egypt with expensive funerary collections were discovered by archaeologists in the area of ​​Luxor. Tombs 3,5 thousand years, they belong to the era of the Tutmosid dynasty.

Specialists found in one of them a mummy and a part of the tomb in the form of Osiris. The name of Thutmose I is written on the ceiling. This is probably the burial place of a nobleman.

In another tomb, 100 funeral cones with hieroglyphic letters, painted wooden funeral masks, clay vessels and a collection of 450 statues were found, RIA Novosti reports.

The XVIII dynasty of pharaohs of ancient Egypt (around 1550-1292 BC) is the most famous. To the dynasty belonged Tutankhamun, Queen Hatshepsut, religious reformer Akhnaton.

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