In NASA of a razrabotaliya material for creation of terminator of T-1000

Before creation of the full-fledged robot from liquid metal, of course, still far, but, according to messages of the NASA magazine Science Alert, American Space Agency really developed a special type of metal glass, on properties a strong resemblance bearing to the melted version of terminator of T-1000. The most interesting that this material will be applied in creation of robots. So far only for work in severe conditions of an outer space.

The created material belongs to the special class of volume glasses — Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMG). New material, despite appearance, weighs quite a lot, but at the same time it has excellent electric conductance and huge durability, and also is capable to keep working capacity in case of extremely low and high temperatures. For spacecrafts which work in the conditions of very low temperatures today for maintenance of functioning and protection of internal parts it is necessary not only to provide the robot with a protective covering, but also to use the special warmed-up lubricant for work maintenance that is very energy-intensive process. Use of zhidkometallichesky glass will allow to create a reliable protective framework which won’t need additional lubricant and costs of energy.

As for a production process, metal alloy is heated at first to 800-900 degrees Celsius for giving of a liquid form and dissociation of communications between chemical elements, and then sharply cooled by 1000 degrees. It allows to create tough metal material in which there will be a liquid metal.

On a photo round zhidkometallichesky glass. Slightly higher — the same glass to which set other form

At the same time such glass keeps the properties and after new external impacts. It can “flow” to other place when heating then again stiffens. The new covering can be not only reliable protection against external impacts, but also means of “self-repair”, closing holes a layer of liquid metal. Creators quite allow use of new material not only as covering elements, but also for creation of a framework of robots, for fun calling the invention “the first step on the way of construction of T-1000”.

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