In Poland, investigated the remains of a Neanderthal baby eaten by a bird

Polish historians have recognized the remains of a child, which several years ago found on the Małopolska Upland, the most ancient bones of Ice Age residents ever discovered in the country. The age of the find is about 115 thousand years, reports Science in Poland.

During the study of the remains of a 5-7-year-old child, archaeologists noticed a peculiar porous surface similar to a strainer.

“This indicates that the bones passed through the digestive system of a large bird. We have before us a unique artifact, which we haven’t found until now,” said Professor Pavel Walde-Novak from the Institute of Archeology at Yagellona University.

According to the scientist, the bird of prey attacked the child or ate the remains of the already dead boy.

Unfortunately, because of the poorly preserved bones, archaeologists will not be able to carry out DNA analysis.

Previously, the bones of three Neanderthals from the Stein Cave on the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland were considered the oldest remains found on the territory of Poland. Their age ranged from 42 to 52 thousand years.

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