In Russia, a method of obtaining fresh water from the air

Russian experts have developed a method of obtaining clean fresh water from the air. It is noted that the developer is the company “Electroram”.

As the project manager, a professor at the Tyumen Industrial University Viktor Mironov, every tenth resident of the world suffers from a deficit of clean drinking water.

“Water consumption over the last century has grown tenfold,” Mironov said.

The upper part of the installation is made in the form of a buoy, which floats on the surface of the water and heats up in the sun. For the intake of moist air, special membranes are used. The energy of the sun raises the temperature inside the buoy, and the warm air is sent to a condenser located 20 to 40 m below the surface of the reservoir and attached to the bottom by cables.

Since the temperature is much lower at the depth, moisture is released from the air, which is collected and sent to consumers through pipelines. The installation works at the expense of the energy of the sun or sea waves.

“Our system is independent of external sources of power supply. It can be used in regions with a shortage of fresh fresh water, “said Mironov.

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