In Russia, an unmanned harvester

In mid-August, together with Rostselmash, the first large-scale tests of an unmanned harvester were successfully carried out on the basis of Cognitive Technologies. Cognitive Agro Pilot effectively distinguishes the edge of the field, and is also ready to work on any grain crops.

Testing of experimental agricultural machinery with the automatic driving system Cognitive Agro Pilot passed on a barley field of 50 hectares.

The results of cleaning have justified the hopes of developers of unique software.

– It took more than five years to develop an unmanned system, based on technologies related to neural networks. Unlike foreign analogues, the project of Moscow engineers is much cheaper, “said Olga Uskova, president of the Cognitive Technologies development company.

According to her, according to the results of the summer tests, it is planned to complete the necessary improvements and move to the pilot-industrial series.

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