In Russia created a flying amphibious transformer

International military-technical forum “Army-2016” pleasantly surprises the visitor an abundance of new developments of the military industry. In the demo stand, NGO “aerospace technology” lit up an unusual novelty.

We are talking about a double flying amphibians-transformer “Triton”, able not only to travel by land, water and snow, but also fly.

The new hybrid device is designed to perform specific tasks, timely delivery of cargoes weighing up to 150 kilograms in remote areas, monitoring and intelligence.

The device has two engines. Moving on land and water, the transformer uses electric, but it flies with the help of the internal combustion engine.

With a full tank of fuel, two people onboard and loaded to the eyeballs, the device can fly up to 400 kilometers. The vehicle flies not only far, but high Triton can fly at altitudes of up to four kilometers.

The empty weight of the apparatus is only 200 pounds, the maximum weight at which it can fly is 600 pounds.

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