In Russia created the “cloth of invisibility”

The holding company Ruselectronics, specializing in the production of electronic components, has created a prototype “fabrics-invisible”, which will protect the tanks, planes, warships and other military equipment from electronic warfare.

“We would like it to be next year. There are comments that are fixed. There are great expectations from the military that it will be delivered, accepted on arms. The demand there. — said the head of holding Igor Kozlov, answering the question of when will fail the test of novelty.”

Development will keep from the electronic effects of any weapons systems. Electronic tools can help determine the “invisible” indicating that stumbled upon the reflective object, but the “cloak” to protect the covered object from detection so that even special tools can’t identify what is hidden under this tent. To hide under it will not only stationary objects, but those that are in motion. Igor Kozlov said that at the moment the invention test in one of the ships.

“Invisibility cloak” is made of a special ferrite fibers, which help to reduce the level of electromagnetic fields. Operating temperature cushion varies from -50 to 110 degree Celsius. The density of the fabric is not more than 0.2 kilograms per square meter.

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