In Russia, developed a bread that will protect against radiation

A new product was developed at the Altai State Technical University. Scientists have added chaga to ordinary bread – it is also a beveled tinder. This is a tree fungus, which is often found in Russian forests. Due to the specific polysaccharides in the composition, it has radioprotective properties. Therefore, such a product will be very popular in regions with high radiation background.

But chaga is not only radiation protection. This fungus also has antibacterial, anti-allergenic and antiviral effects. In folk medicine, it has been used for a very long time, as an immunomodulator and metabolic stimulator.

The very technology of obtaining “magic bread” is very simple. The ground chaga is dried, and the resulting powder is added to the dough or to the yeast. Altai scientists have already received a patent for their invention. But when the novelty appears on the shelves – is still unknown.

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