In Russia, developed a system of liquid breathing

Today, Vice-President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin during a meeting with Serbian President Alexander Vucic demonstrated to him a number of innovative Russian developments in various fields. One of them was a unique system of liquid breathing, allowing living organisms to breathe underwater with the help of a liquid filling their lungs. Something like that you could see in the science fiction film “Abyss” directed by James Cameron.

Especially for the President of Serbia, an impressive demonstration of unique technology was conducted. In a tank filled with oxygen, a liquid was placed in the dachshund, which settled there after a few minutes, after which it began to breathe normally in a new environment. After some time the dog was removed from the reservoir, thoroughly wiped with a towel, and Alexander Vučić was able to personally verify that everything was in order with the animal. The President noted that he was very impressed with what he saw. Dmitry Rogozin stressed that this Russian development is tomorrow, to which Russian scientists are eager.

Liquid breathing is carried out with the help of liquids that perfectly dissolve oxygen. It implies the filling of the lungs with an oxygenated liquid, which then enters the blood. Most often, perfluorocarbon compounds are used for these purposes, which have a low surface tension, are highly inert, and are also not metabolized in the body. To date, there is no single system of liquid breathing, which would be actively used in this or that sphere. Several teams of researchers only conducted separate experiments in this area.

This technology is one of several, created within the walls of the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI). The project is managed by Fedor Arseniev. The scientist believes that a working system of liquid breathing can save a lot of human lives. For example, during a submarine wreck at a depth of over 100 meters, seafarers simply can not rise to the surface because of the caisson disease, during which “the effect of boiling blood” appears. In the case of using liquid-breathing apparatus, people will be able to leave the submarine without any risk and quite calmly rise to the surface. Among other things, this technology can save premature babies, as well as help people who have received airway burns.

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