In Russia, developed membrane for the “invisibility cloak”

Russian scientists have developed a membrane to create “invisibility cloak”, which is in many respects superior to their foreign counterparts. About the new technology told the General Director of Fund of perspective researches (FPI) Andrey Grigoriev.

Hides and protects

The membrane is a nonwoven material, created primarily to “protect respiratory organs and skin from the dangerous factors of chemical, biological and radiological nature, as well as developing the means to reduce the visibility and viability of a person in extreme climatic conditions”. Samples of the material tested in the laboratory. A number of characteristics, he surpassed foreign analogues.

Grigoriev noted that the membrane developed in Russia, can make a person invisible. In fact, this filter which traps particulate matter – toxins, allergens, pathogens.
The project will be completed in August 2017, by the time it is finished the test samples created in conditions close to the natural environment.

The membrane can be used to create high-performance materials equipment. People in a form more difficult to notice. Also the membrane will allow to develop clothing for the practise of adventure sports for recreation and polar climate.

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