In Russia have created an efficient material for flexible displays

Flexible displays can be a very useful invention, because with their help it will be possible to do elastic and less fragile gadgets. Therefore, development in this area is ongoing by many companies worldwide.

Novosibirsk scientists have made from a special solution of the homogeneous crystals with good electricity conductivity and yield of photoluminescence at 65%. The prototypes produced previously, as a rule, can provide only 35% and quite expensive to manufacture, the Russian chemists in cooperation with the University of Groningen in the Netherlands were able to obtain organic material suitable for production of flexible displays, much cheaper and easier way.

“We aim to simplify the process of manufacturing devices. Inorganic semiconductors are manufactured using sophisticated technologies that require high temperatures, vacuum. Organic materials can be applied cheaper and more simple way, for example, to print the semiconductor layer in the printer. The unique properties of materials can contribute to the creation of new devices such as flexible display that can be folded or rolled into a tube and put it in his pocket,” said one of the developers of the laboratory of chemistry of free radicals NSU Maxim Kazantsev.

At the moment, research is ongoing, the developers in improving the properties of the material obtained.

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