In Russia have created dental fillings that kill bacteria

Specialists from NITI “MISiS” created a material with a long antiseptic effect. Their use in seals ensures that the seal will never fall out, and in harmful microcracks, harmful bacteria can not settle between the filling and the cavity of the tooth.

Even the best fillings, established by the best experts, drop out. At the boundary between the dentin and the material of the seal, microcavities inevitably arise, and even the most thorough disinfection of the seal before installation sometimes does not help the fact that pathogens are planted in such cavities. Over time, bacteria expand the cavity, and the seal falls out, and underneath it new foci of caries are found.

The material, developed by Russian specialists, kills bacteria that have appeared on its surface. Its secret is in nanoparticles of metal oxides: titanium, iron, zinc and some others. Nanoparticles improve the physical properties of the material, reducing the shrinkage of the seal during solidification, and also work as a strong antibiotic, triggering the processes of cell destruction in bacteria. Unlike traditional antibacterial drugs, the material with nanoparticles is not consumed, so the seal preserves the antiseptic effect throughout the life of the product.

Seals with nanoparticles are already being used at the stomatological faculty in the Kirov State Medical Academy, the press release of the NITU “MISiS” reports.

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