In Russia introduced created using a 3D printer drone

United instrument manufacturing Corporation has shown at Innoprom 2016″ Russia’s first unmanned aerial vehicle, entirely made by 3D printing technology. The production of such a drone takes about one day, and its component parts before you start going, as a designer, for 15-20 minutes.

The new UAV can carry on Board video equipment and perform various tasks associated with exploration and monitoring areas. Set the power elements of the airframe (fuselage, wings and empennage) is made integrally with the casing of the apparatus, thereby to achieve weight reduction, to give the necessary rigidity, and also provide high aerodynamic characteristics.

“The use of additive technologies allows much faster and cheaper process of creating a new product and its production. The advantage of this aircraft is that any detail can be quickly made even in the field, – says the Deputy Director General of uimc Sergei Skokov. – “Drone, developed by our Bureau “Luch”, has successfully passed flight tests, proving the efficiency of the use of 3D printing technologies in this field.”

According to him, with the help of such devices can be implemented the concept of group use of drones for various combat missions without regard to the risks of damage and loss of machinery.

The UAV is able to work within a radius of 50 km. It is equipped with a motor of domestic manufacture, weighs less than 4 kg, and the wingspan is 2.4 m.

“Another feature of this drone is the location of the screw. Traditionally, it is on the nose or in the tail of the plane. In this case, the screw is in the center of the apparatus, is mounted on the beam and revolves around it. This solution has many advantages from an aerodynamic point of view”, – says Sergey Skokov.

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