In Russia, launched the “Comet” a new generation

The shipyard Vympel launched a new generation marine submarine passenger ship Comet 120M.

The construction of five “Comets” is planned in the near future. In total, the company intends to supply about 20 units to the Black Sea.

After launching the “Comet” will go to the Crimea for testing on the Black Sea. It is planned that the ship will be put into operation in 2018 and will start to run along the route Sevastopol-Yalta.

“Comet 120M” is designed to transport passengers in the coastal marine zone. Crew – 5 people.

The passenger capacity of the vessel is 120 people, the speed is 65 km / h. The main differences of the “Comet 120M” from the previously constructed analogues will be a high level of comfort for passengers: the ship is equipped with modern spacious salons of economy and business class, as well as an automatic system for reducing rolling and overload.

The power of the engines is 2 x 820 kW. The hourly fuel consumption is 320 kg / hour. The range is 200 miles. Autonomy of swimming is 8 hours.

“Comet 120M” can move in the wing mode at a wave height of up to 2 m and wind up to 4 points. At a wave height of up to 2.5 m and wind up to 5 points, it can safely float in the displacement mode.

The length of the vessel is 35.2 m, width – 10.3 m. Displacement 73 t.

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