In Russia, the development of the newest electric plane

The development of the newest electric aircraft is being discussed only on paper, but there is no full-scale prototype of the speech. Nevertheless, even now specialists from various fields are offering their solutions for implementing the idea. Some developments already exist, but now the developers are working to propose new, improved options that surpass previous solutions in their parameters.

The general director of the research center “The N. Zhukovsky Institute” told TASS that specialists from different research institutes, institutes and manufacturing companies will connect to the development of an electric aircraft, concurrently noting that while it is too early to talk about anything concrete, the visible results will not appear before 2025-2030.

Now Zhukovsky’s engineers are planning to create a special laboratory in which they will be able to develop a new power plant for the future of the electric plane, and subsequently effectively test it.

The developments are planned to be used not only in the aviation industry, but also in other sectors – efficient and power plants can become a timely and rational solution for rail transport and will be useful in shipbuilding.

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