In Russia, they created a unique cargo drones

In Kazan, specialists of ARDN Technologies developed an unmanned vertical take-off and landing aircraft that can be used to deliver various cargoes. The platform can also be used for extinguishing fires and processing fields.

The maximum lifting capacity of the platform is 250 kilograms. If the weight of the cargo does not exceed 50 kilograms, the flight range can reach 350 kilometers, and the flight duration – 8 hours. The deployment time of the UAV is less than half an hour.

The size of the UAV is 5.2 x 2.2 meters, it is placed in a standard cargo container. All operations are fully automated, the flight task is protected by a cryptographic signature and approved in the central dispatch center. This allows you to exclude the launch of the platform in potentially hazardous areas and directions. In addition, an autonomous parachute rescue system of the device along with the cargo was introduced, the obstacle overflight system was improved.

The aerodynamic scheme of the platform is based on the separation of the functions of the lifting and steering screws. The internal combustion engine directly rotates the large fixed-pitch screws and creates a lifting force, the auxiliary electric control screws ensure the platform orientation by yaw, pitch and roll.

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