In Russia, they will create a wheelchair, guided by a sight

High technologies are designed not only to facilitate our life, but also to improve its quality in people with disabilities. Domestic scientists on the basis of the research center “Kurchatov Institute” have developed a wheelchair of a new generation: it will enable its owner to control the movement of the device by looking or simply reading the signals of the brain.

The stroller is equipped with devices for recording the direction of sight, as well as electrodes for reading the brain activity. What is noteworthy, the youngest scientists actively participated in the development of the device. Vadim Ushakov, an employee of the Department of Neurocognitive Technologies of the Kurchatov Institute,

“For children with engineering abilities, this was quite an interesting task. Participants of our project shift at the educational center in Sochi “Sirius” paid a lot of time to this. The ideas that emerged during the development, seemed to us quite interesting. We would like to improve this prototype and provide it with a mass of various functions to launch the most perfect product on the market. ”

The device itself works in the following way: before the user is a display on which the necessary commands are displayed. To activate the desired one, you just need to look at it. Another method of control involves the use of a special helmet with electrodes. In this case, the screen will not be needed and the user will be able to drive the stroller with the power of thought.

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