In Russia to create a super-durable material

The specialists of the Moscow physical-technical Institute has developed a technology that allows you to “weave” of carbon nanotubes cosmically durable material.

To create a heavy-duty material physics used multilayer carbon nanotubes. Them in a special way “made” is squeezed relative to each other under pressure. In the result, nanotube “soldered” to form interatomic covalent bond at the site of contact. When the pressure has reduced, due to the two layered structures form nanotubes recovered. It is possible to create long and durable nanocarbon filaments.

Due to the fact that the formation of connections between nanotubes was spent particles from the outer shell and inner layers remained unchanged, turned to a material with unique strength. According to the creators, it will be relevant for use in situations where mission-critical reliability, for example, in aerospace projects. It retains the integrity and strength in the cosmos, is not destroyed under the influence of most external factors.

In addition, carbon nanotubes have high mechanical resistance, decent thermal and electrical conductivity. Multilayer nanotubes is also able to withstand extreme pressure values at the bottom of the Mariana trench thousands of times.

Strands of nanotubes will be used to create heavy-duty fabrics and other dense materials. According to scientists, light weight and durability, they will be better aerospace materials and aviation alloys that are used today.

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