In Shanghai, opened a supermarket of the future

An unmanned supermarket, which does not need human personnel at all, opened its doors in Shanghai.

The new store is called Moby. There are no queues in it, and he can go to the warehouse himself when his goods run out.

Moby is an opportunity to feel what shopping will look like in the future. It even has a hologram that welcomes every visitor. You need to download the application to go into it – the store door opens only by recognizing the phone. You put things in a smart basket, and when you decide to finish with the purchases, just go out of the store. The building itself scans what you bought, and accordingly withdraws money from the account. On the roof, Moby has solar panels, so it can also be charged.

A 24-hour supermarket is a product of the Swedish company Wheelys. This entire venture may seem literally inhuman, but one of the founders of Wheelys, Thomas Mazetti, says that the real reason was much more humane. “I grew up in the countryside. There, the last store closed somewhere in the mid-1980s, and after that everyone had to travel to the city, and this took an hour’s journey. And as a result, entire villages died. People just left from there. Now local residents could buy a store, like this. And if the village was very small, then Moby could run between several settlements ”

True, now Moby was presented in Shanghai, and he certainly does not resemble the village. There is such a robot shop about $ 30,000, including logistics.

While Moby is in beta. There can be only four people at a time, and the driver is transported from place to place, although in the project it will be self-governing. The company has a place for experiment, and they hope to launch the final product in mass production by 2018.

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