In Siberia will create a model of the ice age

Russian scientists are going to restore the climatic conditions of the glacial period in Siberia. Then it will be possible to find out why the sharp cooling has started, and in the long term – to use the acquired information to combat the global climate changes that are taking place at the moment.

Part of the research will take place in the mode of three-dimensional modeling. In particular, scientists want to combine the data acquired in the process of excavation, and the modern Siberian landscape, which will make it possible to move the northern region millions of years ago. As a result, the restored natural cover of the glacial period should be obtained. Also, scientists are going to find out at the expense of treachery of the landscape, how the plants of that period managed to survive on the territory of Siberia. Scientists note that before the glacial period, the air temperature on the Earth began to rise sharply and intensively. The beginning of the experiment is scheduled for 2018.

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