In Singapore, developed a robot-masseur

Singaporean engineers from Nanyang Technological University have developed a robot that can self-massage a person. The device was named Emma (short for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation).

The robot specializes in back and knee massage. Emma simulates the touch of the palms and fingers of a person, owning shiatsu technique and other types of massage.

According to patients, the movement of the robot is difficult to distinguish from the movements of human hands.

Emma uses several sensors to determine muscle tension. The artificial intelligence system chooses the optimal type of massage for a particular person.

Emma is equipped with a touch screen and a limb with 6 degrees of freedom. At the end of the hand are two massage pads made of silicone, which can be heated for greater comfort.

The data collected by the robot goes to the cloud, where they are analyzed and the necessary type of massage is selected. Also the system allows to estimate, how the improvement of a person’s state for a certain period of time goes.

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