In Texas build the “city of Immortals”

The idea of cryonic preservation of human bodies is not new. We have seen this in many science fiction movies, however, the question is, is it possible to actually freeze a human being and then bring him back to life after a number of years.

A new project dedicated to this task, so that soon in a small Texas town called Comfort appears giant center cryonic storage.

This “time machine” has already been dubbed “the Mecca of cryogenics”, will be able to accommodate 50 thousand frozen human bodies. the Building, created by architect Stephen Valentine, will also be protected from natural disasters and is able to resist any of disasters, from terrorist attacks to changes in global sea level.

“DNA, tissue samples themselves are cryo-stored patients will be placed in “the time machine”, and their safety and security from any threats, both natural and anthropogenic, will be observed for hundreds of years”, it is stated on the website of the cryogenic center “Timeship”.

The building is surrounded by high walls and surrounded by a spacious plot of land. In addition to special buildings, storage facilities, the complex will include research laboratories, libraries, and even agricultural center. They say that in order to avoid emergencies, even here will build their own source of electricity.

Along with the frozen human bodies in cryogenic town will store biological materials, human organs, samples of cells and tissue and DNA of endangered species.

According to the website of the complex “Timeship”, the project aims to no more and no less, as to smuggle people into the future, as the name implies cryogenic town. It is argued that it will exist and function for centuries.

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