In the American lake have noticed a blue fish-mutant

A strange blue mutant fish was spotted in a lake in North Carolina. Stunning video that placed on “Youtube” shows the creation of a length of 1.2 meters, floating near the surface of the lake in Gaston County.

The video was made by Paula Terrell during a walk around the lake. What kind of creature has become a hero of the video is a question, to which there is no exact answer. Most likely, the woman managed to capture a unique fish, perhaps a subspecies of carp.

One of the video commentators put forward a more original version – in his opinion, a dead peacock or some other large bird was floating on the lake.

Paula Terrell still insists that the frame of her camera was hit by a huge fish. According to her, in the end the creature was submerged and did not appear on the surface any more.

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