In the future all people will be women?

Biologists have known cases where one or the other individual suddenly changes its gender. Such a characteristic, for example, some types of fish, worms, etc. do Not threaten the future of such a transformation, and people? To ask this, seemingly absurd, the question make the following observations.

The sewer system of the modern city recycles millions of gallons of liquid wastes which contain, among other things, derived from our body’s hormones. The ones that determine the sex of the person. Among them — the female hormone, estrogen. So, about 10 years ago, scientists noticed interesting changes in the fish living in rivers close to sewage pipes.

Dr. Jeff Brite from the Agency for environmental protection UK says:

“There is a connection between wastewater and estrogenic effects in fish. It affects them in different ways- from the formation of oocytes in males before occurrence of hermaphrodites.

More recently, it was suggested that it may be due to synthetic estrogen, which, for example, massively consume the pill. However, recent studies have shown that such changes of fish can only lead to natural female hormones entering the water together with the urine…”

Such observations, some researchers make a very impressive insights. Wait, they say, whether still will be. Soon the stronger sex will become weak.

And lead the discouraging facts. According to clinical studies, over the past half century the number of sperm in men decreased by 2 times. The steadily growing number of diseases of their reproductive organs. As pointed out by Dr. Paul Harrison, since 1970, in many countries defeated testicular cancer has increased twice.

And now to this is added a new attack. Because female sex hormones have the ability to impact not only fish, but people, that is, of course, for men, the ladies and their hormone in abundance. Is it because gentlemen are losing inherited from Adam a distinctive advantage?

“And it’s even good for humanity, says neurochemist Dorothy Tchaikovsky-Maevskaya, working in the National Institute of health in Roccella (Maryland). At least, nothing tragic there. Today testosterone is the main male sex hormone, from which we can expect anything, even to the blasphemous transformation of the developing female fetus to male is not very important to the modern world.”

Yes, in the prehistoric era, when there was a struggle for survival, the effects of testosterone, enhancing aggressiveness, sometimes life-saving. Well, now, when the success of the individual in society and society itself are determined more by intelligence, ability to cooperate, the advantages of intellectual labor over physical, aggressive behavior is harmful both to the individual and to others.

No wonder young people with high levels of testosterone are more than 90 percent of those who had seriously suffered as a result of motorcycle and automobile accidents is about the same with an excess of the hormone among criminals serving sentence for fighting, robbery, rape.

Then don’t rate observed in some tissues in men, the process is the conversion of testosterone to estrogen? On the one hand, the latter plays an important role in the development and functioning of the brain. On the other — marked a clear correlation between intelligence and concentration of blood testosterone: the lower it is in men, the above their linguistic, mathematical, artistic and other creative abilities. Those, by the way, which, according to statistics, a great floor leader.

Male intelligence, as shown by tests carried out in Canada, subject to seasonal fluctuations. Typically male talents — spatial orientation, hard logic, etc. — manifest themselves best in spring, when the level of testosterone in the blood, contrary to popular opinion (think of the March cats), the lowest. In contrast, a war began in the autumn, when the testosterone level reaches its peak.

And a few more facts. Sociological studies have confirmed what was already recorded among the animals: neuter mortality rate lower than that of normal men in the same age. Well, the fact that women live on average 8 years longer than men, has long been known.

When aged men are still with an appetite coat on the ladies started to inject the testosterone artificially happened to them the miracle of rejuvenation. But, alas, it was too short and usually ended sadly — a heart attack or stroke, cancer of prostate etc.

So, as they say, all the time. And anyway, aren’t we exaggerating the importance of sex? Maybe for the further development of civilization that require intense mental impact and the peaceful coexistence of all members of society, is to accept the thought of the coming parthenogenesis people?

Professor Jenny graves from the Australian national University in 2012 at the conference said that the male Y chromosome is very fragile – it fails to restore the damage done to the environment. During the period of human evolution in this chromosome collapsed 1393 of 1438 genes. Idea from the original set there are only 45 genes!

By the way, with the female X chromosomes it does not. Ultimately, says grace, the Y chromosome will lose all of their genes, which enables the production of male hormones (the SRY gene), and in the next 10 million years men as a biological subspecies may be on the verge of extinction.

Moreover, the researcher believes that due to this mutation there will be two, and maybe more systems that determine gender. That is simply will be two different kinds of person in addition to the existing woman.

Men is the performance of colleagues is not scared. Oxford University Professor Brian Sykes optimistic said not to worry – at this stage of the development of science, the disappearance would not affect the extinction of people on the planet as a whole. Say, the existing technology can support mankind at the expense of resources of the female body.

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