In the future, the air will clear skyscrapers

The company’s specialists Arconic consider the possible construction after 45 years of a giant skyscraper, which will clear the air of city smog. The building will be covered with a special material called EcoClean, to absorb the harmful substances from the atmosphere. For the first time this coverage was submitted in 2011.

EcoClean has special chemical agents, which when exposed to light react with water vapor, resulting in stand out free radicals that destroy harmful substances. The skyscraper will be able to dump pollution in the same way as the snake sheds its skin.

The building will also include a special Bloomframe window. They will be able to transform into all-glass balconies in one minute. Arconic have already demonstrated this technology at trade shows.

The height of the skyscraper will be about 5 km away. the Construction is made of created using a 3D printer elements.

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