In the Netherlands, “printed” a bridge of molten metal

Robots model MX3D-Metal built a design metal bridge for six months. If the product is tested for strength, it will be installed in Amsterdam.

Robots literally “cried” the bridge by drop, applying drops of red-hot metal to the already cooled structure. Thanks to the accuracy of the equipment, four electronic workers managed to create a bewitching in its beauty design.

The bridge has a length of 12.5 and a width of 6.3 meters, respectively, and the total length of all delicate details is more than 1000 kilometers. The bridge is made without use of forests and additional mechanisms.

After all the technical tests, a new bridge will be thrown across one of the canals in the famous Amsterdam Quarter of Red Lanterns. According to the authors of the unique technology of construction, this will happen no later than next year.

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