In the network appeared photo of the drilling machine Ilon Mask

The Boring Company is busy with the case: the new company of Ilona Mask is drilling tunnels to relieve the employees of its enterprises of traffic jams, but the drilling machines, with which they are digging new detours, have not yet been photographed for any reason. Therefore, one of the specialists of SpaceX decided to correct this oversight and shared a good photo of the machine on his page. Then, apparently, he got into it for scolding, as the photo disappeared very quickly, but the cunning guys from Business Insider managed to take a screenshot, and then reloaded it to themselves so that it would not get lost again.

Impressive dimensions of the drilling machine can be appreciated thanks to the worker in the shot. Apparently, the device is not less than six meters in diameter, due to which it will be able to make not the narrowest tunnels already in the very near future.

Ilon Mask first told about his tortured traffic jams in December of last year, and in February 2017 his new team of specialists started to work and began digging a small test tunnel, which is likely to soon become the basis of an underground transport network. In the future, Mask plans to create a multi-level system of tunnels designed for both conventional road transport and high-speed Hyperloop lines.

While Mask did not start to dig behind the territory belonging to SpaceX, there will be no problems, but if he decides to continue working on land that does not belong to him, he will need to collect a bunch of permits from the government. Apparently, the trial tunnel will have to convince the authorities that it is necessary to continue drilling.

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