In the Perm region of Russia found a rare mushroom-ram

In the Perm region, a rare mushroom-ram was discovered. Local residents have discovered a giant mushroom in the Kishret region. It is listed in the Red Book of Russia.

As told in the press service of the PGNU, for the last 50 years – this is the second find on the territory of the region. Found umbrella turtles (Polyporus umbellatus) weighs 2.5 kilograms. Fruit body of the fungus consists of 250 hats with legs, connected in one bundle. The wavy edges of the hats resemble the skin of a sheep, for which it received its name.

“This is a very valuable find. Many students and scientists for the first time can personally see this species. Sizes of the sample may surprise, however for this species the weight is quite typical. The fruit body of a tinder may be even larger, “said Lydia Perevedentseva, professor of the Department of Botany and Plant Genetics at PGNU

The sample was dried and handed over for storage to the museum of the biological faculty of PGNUU.

For the first time, a fungus-ram was discovered in the Dobryansky district about 50 years ago, but then a rare specimen was not preserved.

As explained by the professor, the umbrella tart meets extremely rarely on the stumps and bases of old tree trunks. It belongs to conditionally edible species, it has medicinal properties.

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