In the slums of Cairo dug up a statue of the pharaoh

All the same ancient places are ancient places. Well, what can we find interesting? Well, what kind of skull is a couple of hundred years old. But poking around in the slums of Cairo can find a huge statue of a pharaoh age of a couple of thousand years.

Archaeologists have discovered a huge statue of about 3000 years old, buried under a layer of earth in the slums of Cairo, Egypt. They sichtayut that the statue depicts the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II. The find, which, according to Reuters, is already considered one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of recent years, was discovered near the ruins of the Ramses temple in the eastern part of the city.

Ramesses II, also known as Ramesses the Great, is considered the most famous ruler of Ancient Egypt. He reigned in the period from 1279 to 1213 BC, and for 66 years of his rule significantly expanded the borders of the Egyptian state, having received for this already after death the honorary title “Great Ancestor”. Pharaoh is famous not only for its victorious campaigns against the Hittites, but also for the expansion of world trade, as a result, for many cities and regions the time of his reign became a period of unprecedented economic prosperity.

“We found a bust of an 8-meter statue, as well as the lower part of the head,” Egyptian antiquities minister Khaled al-Anani told Reuters. “Now, having unearthed our head, we found the crown, the right ear and a fragment of the right eye.”

It seems to some that the pyramids of Egypt are lost somewhere in the deep sands of the desert, but in fact Cairo approached them already close:

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