In the temple of the goddess Hathor in Egypt found previously unknown ancient inscriptions

Several dozen previously unknown hieroglyphic records were discovered by Polish scientists on the rocks in the immediate vicinity of the temple of the goddess Hathor in central Egypt, said the expedition leader Wojciech Eismond.

“A few dozen records were carved on a stone wall in the immediate vicinity of a stone temple about 3.5 thousand years old, where, in particular, the goddess Hathor was worshiped,” the RAR quotes the scientist.

According to the leader of the expedition, the inscriptions found are “an invaluable source for the study of the beliefs of the ancients.”

From a translation by the well-known Egyptologist David Vechorko, it follows that the records found contain requests to the gods for intercession or gratitude for help. The inscriptions were made from about 1770 to 1400 BC.

Scientists say that the working conditions were extremely difficult, because it is almost impossible to get to many inscriptions – they are in such places, on rocks, that they can not often be seen without the use of booms for cameras or climbing equipment. This happened because over the last several thousand years the shape of the hill has changed significantly.

Unknown until now, the inscriptions are next to the stone shrine, which has been studied in recent years by a group of archaeologists led by Eismond. At this point, no archaeological research has been conducted so far. It was the Polish scientists who were able to establish that the temple was founded during the reign of Hatshepsut, that is, 3,5 thousand years ago, and that it was dedicated to the goddess Hathor.

Hathor – in Egyptian mythology, the goddess of heaven, love, femininity, beauty, fertility, fun and dancing.

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