In the umbilical cord blood of a man found rejuvenating substances

American neuroscientists have found out that proteins contained in human umbilical cord blood are a means of rejuvenation for old mice. The corresponding study is published in the journal Nature, it is briefly reported by Stanford University (USA).

The researchers found that the endogenous metalloproteinase inhibitor TIMP2 (tissue inhibitor of metallo roteinases 2), a protein contained in human cord blood plasma, improves the cognitive properties of old mice.

This was confirmed by specialists after rodents successfully passed tests for memory, learning and plasticity of the brain (the ability to adapt to new information), for example, the labyrinth of Barnes. The tests were preceded by a course of injection of cord blood plasma containing TIMP2.

Protein, according to the authors, contributed to the resumption of normal functioning of the hippocampus. Scientists believe that this protein can be the basis for the development of drugs that slow the degradation of cognitive properties of the brain of older people.

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