In the United States, a superantibiotic

American scientists have created a form of antibiotic vancomycin, able to fight superbugs – organisms that are immune to traditional methods of treatment.

Specialists received a third modification of vancomycin, which changes the permeability of the bacterial cell wall. Earlier, scientists received two more modifications of the antibiotic, each of which assumes its strategy to combat bacterial infection. According to scientists, this will avoid the development of microorganisms resistance to antibiotics.

In comparison with the previous version of the antibiotic, the drug, created on the basis of three modifications of vancomycin, is more than a thousand times more effective. In the treatment of it will require significantly less and, as a consequence, the patient will face fewer possible complications.

Currently, specialists are working on industrial technology for the synthesis of new modifications of vancomycin. While in the laboratory, the preparation takes too long and involves 30 intermediate procedures and chemical reactions.

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