In the United States appeared robotic cafe

In order for robots to serve customers, they need to train certain movements and manipulations, then they will be able to cope with the tasks better than the people working at the cashier, waiter or administrator is successfully proven robotic X Cafe, opened in San Francisco. In this cafe, very few people, and all the tasks associated with customer service, perform pre-programmed for certain actions machines that make coffee, take orders and take care of visitors, according to

Each robot is trained in specific movements that correspond to its purpose. Thus, the robot-waiter may arrange the dishes and Cutlery, to put under gravy boat saucer or bring coffee to visitors.

The robotic Barista’s doing great, even without artificial intelligence who cheated him. But he is not clever at work, and is engaged in the business, so per hour it can cook about a hundred cups of coffee.

Many believe that the staff in the cafe are not necessary, because the responsibilities can handle a normal robot, even though not most difficult, but in spite of fashion trends, to replace the people in the car are few. First, the robots themselves are expensive, money is their repair, maintenance and replacement, so for many owners of restaurant business the living people remain much more preferred option.

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