In the United States built a mining farm, working on waste

While in Russia it is calculated, where exactly because of inexpensive electricity it is more profitable to place farms for mining, in the USA find other opportunities to save. Expensive American electricity will not be so terrible if you build a mining farm in a landfill of industrial waste, and as an energy source start using old car tires.

The farm for mining was the result of cooperation between PRTI, the company for the processing of industrial waste, and the startup Standard American Mining invested in equipment for the production of crypto currency. PRTI since 2013 is engaged in the processing of waste, working with various customers using recycled materials in production. In the case of SAM, old tires and other debris will be used for power generation.
“While others are trying to come up with a way to save on electricity, we create energy from unnecessary things, processing garbage into energy, which, in turn, allows us to crypt. Not the worst alternative to simple waste disposal, “says PRTI director Jason Williams.

PRTI and SAM are confident that their example will encourage other entrepreneurs to implement similar projects on the ground, because their idea has obvious ecological and economic advantages, and therefore has every chance of success.

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